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Explain in detail why is coronavirus causing more damage in elder people than the younger ones?

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I want to answer this question with graphs so that you can understand it better. The following graph is obtained from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

Coronavirus mortality rate by age group - Damage caused by coronavirus depending on age group

The mortality rate in the above graph is nothing but the deaths due to coronavirus infection i.e., Covid-19 disease.

There you can see which age group people are mostly affected by coronavirus infection. Up to the age of 39, there are only 0.2% of cases severely affected and undergone death. The death rate slightly increases in the age group of 40 to 49, however, it is not so high.

The mortality rate increased for the age group 50 to 59 when compared to under the 50s. Similarly, the death rate increased along with age. Thereby we came to know that the most affected group is senior elder citizens.

What will be the reason for this? Why is coronavirus causing more damage and even death in high age people?

The reason is their self-resistance power, what we call in scientific terms is the Immune system or Immunity. As the age passes the immunity of the person goes down and becomes weak.

So what I am saying is consult your doctors whoever they may be i.e., ayurvedic, allopathic or homeopathic, ask them to prescribe immune-boosting medicines so that your immunity boosts up during this coronavirus outbreak.

Use google to search for immune-boosting fruits and vegetables and consume them on a regular basis twice or thrice in a day. Ayurvedic preparations like Chywanprash also helps you a lot in building immunity to some extent, consume a spoon of it twice a day.

Follow up preventive steps and precautionary measures whatever I told you in my previous answer like covering faces with masks etc.

Stay healthy and tuned.

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