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Explain in detail about the treatment method for dengue fever.

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Treatment of Dengue Fever

There is no specific medicine for Dengue fever. Whatever the signs and symptoms are shown by the dengue infected patient is treated.

As dengue is a viral fever, antibiotics and antimalarials are of no use. However, if dengue fever is accompanied by other illnesses such as typhoid and malaria then antibiotics and antimalarials were used depending upon the needs.

We are hearing that the treatment for dengue fever is symptomatic, what that means?

I will explain it in detail. Suppose a patient is infected by the dengue virus and admitted to a hospital. The doctor observed the patient and found that body temperature was extremely high. What the doctor will do is he or she immediately prescribe antipyretics to reduce the body temperature and bring it down to normal.

I will use the question and answer model to explain it clearly.

If the body temperature is high in dengue patient

Solution: Anipyretics are given to the patient. Paracetamol is the most preferred drug in reducing body temperature in dengue patients. 

If the dengue patient complained about the body and joint pains

Solution: Analgesics are given to the patient. Paracetamol has both the properties of analgesics and antipyretics, so there is no need to use other analgesics to reduce the body and joint pains.

If the dengue patient complains about muscle ache

Solution: Mostly muscle pain is caused by depletion of ions due to dehydration. The depleted electrolytes were replaced by fresh ones intravenously by making use of saline bottles.

This is why it is advisable that the patient should drink plenty of fluids during the dengue fever.

If the platelet count falls down extremely

Solution: There is a need for blood transfusion there. Platelets are filtered from the blood and transfused into the body of a dengue patient.

Similarly, if the dengue patient complains about nausea and vomiting

Solution: Antiemetics will be given to the patient. Ondansetron is the most preferred medicine to stop nausea and vomiting.

If the dengue is accompanied by typhoid or malaria

Solution: Antibiotics were prescribed if the dengue is accompanied by typhoid fever. Most preferred medicines are cefixime or cefpodoxime along with ofloxacin. Antimalarials will be given to the patient if dengue is accompanied by malaria. Most preferred antimalarials are chloroquine and artemether.

Please do note that severe dengue can even lead to the death of the patient. Avoid self-treatment and consult a physician (doctor) as soon as possible if your symptoms become worse.

This is all about the treatment of dengue. Follow this site to know more about dengue fever. Read my other answers too related to dengue fever.

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