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Explain in detail about Coronavirus and its History

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Coronavirus, the name itself indicates that it belongs to the family of Viruses. The name Corona is derived from the Latin word Corona meaning 'For Crown', and from the ancient Greek term 'Korone' meaning 'Garland' or 'Wreath'.

Why they are named as such - Because their appearance looks like having a crown around itself or wearing a garland. These viruses have spiky fringes around them or we can say spiky fringes encircles them, you can get an idea if you see the following picture.


There are many types of coronavirus strains, most of them infect animals such as bats, cats, and birds. There are seven (7) strains that infect humans. Among these 7 strains, the new coronavirus strain (nCov) is affecting the humans presently. Earlier outbreaks were caused by SARS (SARS-CoV) and MERS (MERS-CoV) coronavirus strains.

The only good news is the present new coronavirus strain (nCoV or Covid-19) is not that much lethal like that of earlier strains (SARS and MERS) and even the mortality rate is also low if compared to them.

The primary host for coronaviruses is considered to be bats. However, it is not completely confirmed that bats help in transmitting the disease to other animals and from other animals to humans. SARS is thought to have evolved from infecting bats to civet cats and then to humans in China. MERS is thought to have evolved from infecting bats to camels and then to humans in the Middle East.

There is no evidence from where this new coronavirus strain (nCoV or Covid-19) has evolved. However, the hypothesis is again bats are the leading original source.

This is what I know about Coronaviruses. Maybe you will get more information from the replies of other members of this pharma web community. 

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