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Explain in detail why some men feel difficulty in undergoing penile erection or maintaining a penile erection, what will be the reason for it?

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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be defined in the following ways -

  • Inability to get penile or penis erection.
  • Inability or failure to maintain the penile or penis erection firm enough until the completion of sexual intercourse.
  • Inability or failure to maintain the penile or penis erection that lasts long enough for a man to have a satisfying sexual experience.

Erectile dysfunction is common in aged people or we can say elder people. As the men get older, their ability to maintain the penile erection for a long time loses.

44% of men suffer from erectile dysfunction at the age of 60 to 69 years whereas 70% of men suffer from it at the above 70 years. Only 5% of men may experience erectile dysfunction below 40 years of age.

Not only age, but there are also many factors that are responsible for erectile dysfunction, some of them include smoking, overweight, stress, etc. These factors also contribute more to improper penile erection.

Every man has to face erectile dysfunction at a certain point in his life, nobody maintains firmness in erection till their life ends. However, if someone suffers from erectile dysfunction at less age below 40 years then they have to face problems in achieving satisfying sexual drive and they even can't satisfy their partner sexual desire too.

The good news is that treatment exists for such cases. However, there are a few things which they have to follow to overcome that successfully, examples include regular exercises, yoga, meditation, etc.

This is all about an introduction to Erectile Dysfunction. I will explain in depth if further questions on penis erection will be asked.

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