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Explain in detail about the modes of transmission of coronavirus

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Chinese Health Organizations have confirmed that Covid-19 or SARS-CoV 2 disease can spread from person to person.

Mostly coronaviruses are zoonotic, they can be transmitted from animals to humans. However, know it is confirmed that they can spread from person to person.

As the coronaviruses affect the respiratory system, they reside in the lungs, thus they can be transmitted through the respiratory droplets when the affected person sneezes or coughs.

Transmission of Coronavirus through Sneezing and CoughingThe primary mode of transmission appears to be through direct or indirect contact of mucous membranes of eyes, nose, or mouth with respiratory droplets or fomites.

The use of aerosol-generating procedures such as bronchoscopy, nebulization techniques in hospitals may increase the transmission of SARS coronavirus. The virus is shed in stools of the affected person, however, the role of fecal-oral transmission of coronavirus is unknown.

The natural reservoirs of coronavirus are the horseshoe bats that eat and drop fruits, which in turn are ingested by civets (cat-like creatures). These civets were earlier presumed reservoir and a likely amplifying host, they transmitted the viruses to humans.

This is what I know about the mode of transmission of coronavirus and the spreading of Covid-19 disease.

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