Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this project?

This project is to build awareness related to helath and medicines among the people. The team behind this project is striving hard in answering the queries and making them available over the internet. This team is helping people in terms of their health by clarifying thier doubts successfully.

This entire project is a contribution of Getcured Apothecary Pvt Ltd - An Ultimate Healthcare Center.

Who can register on this website?

Anyone can be able to register on our website. To become a user, one has to fill the simple registration form and then click on submit.

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Who can answer the questions on this website?

Only medical professionals can answer questions on this website. However we are allowing everyone with minimum medical knowledge, as we moderate the answers if found any errors.

Is the data available on this website is authentic?

Yes. We never allow false information on our website. The information posted or published by any user is verified for its authenticity. Depending on that the information is published as such or else deleted and the user will be warned for that.

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