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We are striving hard in building a better community for public health needs. Here at Pharma Web, medical professionals from different educational backgrounds answer questions posted by the public related to health.

We are always open to medical professionals including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical lab technicians, etc. They can join us and answer questions which are posted by the public.

There are restrictions to normal users, they can only comment on the answers and if they want to answer the questions, they should have minimum medical knowledge. We are even accepting students those who are studying MBBS, Pharmacy, Nursing, and MLT Courses.

Every answer published here is verified for its authenticity. If we found any false information, we delete it on the spot and warn the publisher about the posted information. If he or she continues to do so, their user-id will be banned and they no longer will be able to publish anything on Pharma Web Community.

If you want to register on our website, then use the below button. Just registration doesn't allow you to answer questions, you have to verify your email address.

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Welcome to Pharma Web Community, where you can ask questions related to your health and medicines, and receive answers from clinical pharmacists, drug experts and doctors of pharma web community.

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